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ULTRA OMNI Meditation and Relaxation Days in Carmarthenshire Wales
A HALF DAY  9.45am to 2pm   £55 pp or £50pp for 2
A FULL DAY 9.45am to  £75 pp or £70pp for 2

Weekday or weekends.
The half days have two 45 minute treatments per person.
The full days have three 45 minute treatments per person.                                              

Treat yourself or a loved one to a half-day or full day break to recharge tiring body energies, a stressed state of mind, reminding yourself you are ‘YOU’- helping you see things clearly, defining difficulties and challenges and prioritizing them. 

Guided mediation days and evenings in Carmarthenshire, West Wales.

It is our aim to relax you; help rebalance your body and your state of mind encouraging you to feel good about yourself and your world.  
Relax and unwind between treatments, read, sleep, curl up on the cushions, meditate.

Please arrive 10 minutes earlier to start.

Bring your own food for a light lunch, we will supply teas and refreshments           
Good Idea:  Give a gift voucher to the one/s you love, to rest and recuperate.

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