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Weekend One Day Courses

Weekend One Day Courses

Integrative Counselling

Integrative Counselling

Reiki In Wales - Reiki Training in Carmarthenshire, Wales

Reiki Training in Carmarthenhsire West Wales, Reiki Training in Wales or REIKI - IN - WALES is a School of Reiki at Malindi Centre dedicated to the Principles of the Traditional USUI Method of Natural Healing.

You can buy training days or healings online and securely here

The aims are to keep the pure essence of Reiki, to teach, to practice, to encourage and to offer support to all involved in Reiki healing.

Stephanie Jones, Reiki master, believes that the traditional Reiki attunements and the teaching are a special event in a persons life and as such, offers a one to one day of teaching and a practical application to students. This is within Malindi Centre where the energies are pure and the ceremony is treated with great respect. A convenient time is usually arranged and the day starts around 10am, a light lunch is provided and the day finishes usually around 5pm. A truly energetic day!

Phone 01559 372395 to begin your Reiki Training In Wales or the venue of your choice today.

If you would like to learn more about Reiki and / or how to become a Reiki healer, please ask Stephanie at Malindi Centre who is a Reiki Master of the Usui tradition.

For Reiki Training in Wales Telephone 01559 372 395 Reiki training in Ceredigion & Carmarthenshire West Wales

Stephanie is very happy to travel to outside venues when requested.

The prices for Reiki attunements and teaching are as follows;

Traditional Usui Reiki Training in Wales

Reiki level 1 ...........£75 Pay Now
Reiki level 2  ............£150 Pay now
Reiki level 3 Master/Teacher ..............£250 Pay now

You can pay now an we can then arrange a date that suits both parties.

Calling Usui Reiki Masters

Shivananda has new information about Reiki which every Reiki Master needs to know.
Shivananda is a Grand Master of Reiki and has been channelled new information, a powerful symbol and an attunement.
It has been brought through for today's new energies which have seen a shift from the old on a large scale.

This will add to your journey with Reiki. It will :

a) Help you to stand strong, enabling you to apply and focus your energies to the present human condition by strengthening your inner core to deal with these difficult current challenging times which seem like a rise in negativities. The universe is churning the lives of everyone.

b) Increase the value of the balanced development and integration of our entire being as we cultivate our emotional, moral, spiritual and mystical aspects.

This is how the Grand Master, Shivananda, will be better able to help other Masters in their own search.

With this new knowledge, you can balance your spiritual development and help others to be more aware.

The attunement fills your chakras with Pure Loving Reiki energy and which also comes with a prorection against more protection required.

Book your place soon, be different and aware of this opportunity to increase your universal power.

REIKI Shares
Reiki Shares in Carmarthenshire, West WalesFor those already attuned to Reiki and anyone who is interested to learn more
You are welcome to bring friends who would like to know more about Reiki. This is a chance to get together, meet others, and share the Reiki energy and your experiences, and enjoy some healing for yourself!

Held by Reiki Master Teacher or Usui Reiki Tradition and memeber of the UK Reiki Federation.
These are arranged on demand and advised.  Ask for dates throughout 2018. Phone before coming.