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Omni Kriya with Stephanie Jones
Omni Kriya is the Energy Massage system from Dr Sameer Kale in India.

This is a very new, effective and powerful programme of Massage Therapy which is based upon using energy from Source and is totally different from other massages or traditional massages.
There are three different categories within this massage, concentrating on three major parts. Head, middle body and lower body.

Stephanie Jones Omni Kriya practitionerStephanie Jones is an Omni Kriya Teacher and Practitioner at Malindi Centre and has this to say about it.... "It is suitable for all kinds of pain problems, stomach disorders, mental irritability, psychological and emotional disorders".

Massage has been part of our way of life for thousands of years and has been a very important ‘therapy'. Promoting well-being and good health, it gives a glowing look and a feeling of contentment, not to mention being beneficial for all sorts of ailments and injuries

Everyone should, at some time in their lives, feel the benefits of a good massage. However, some may be quite shy not wishing to take off their clothes but would still like to try the benefits of massage.

We have the answer with this unique system of Energy Massage. This can be done with clothes on or off. It has all the usual benefits, totally non-invasive without the manipulation and heavy contact usually associated with massage. It can take between 10 and 60 minutes depending on the type of massage, which can include a head and facial massage, working down to the soles of the feet, arms and hands and then over on to the back.

It leaves you feeling light, refreshed, with a feeling that the whole of one's insides have also been massaged. A truly healing experience…all the benefits of conventional massage and more.

Cost is £30 per session

How to Learn Omni Kriya
If you would like to be able to use this system yourself you will need to be attuned to do so. It is great for masseurs who may be suffering with bad shoulders, wrists, fingers or back through the hard work with applied conventional massage.
To find out more see our training page

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