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Mayan Medicine Wheel - An Introduction to a powerful Tradition  at Malindi Centre.

2018 Mayan Medicine Wheel: An Introduction PART 1
Sat APR 14th, Sat July 14th 10am to 4.30pm £45
This is the 1st of 3 workshops, an introduction to the way of the Mayan Medicine Wheel which is all about balance.
You will learn that each corner of the wheel relates to an element, which is also present in our bodies…we are the same…therefore, we can bring about changes within ourselves using the full forces of Nature and Spirits as they are generously giving us these opportunities.
Using our Breath and meditation we can do this anytime, anywhere and for many reasons. We only have to make the time and do the asking!
We often feel ‘out of sorts’ and these techniques can help you rebalance your daily life and help you to move forward with your own self-development and whatever else you may wish for.

A greater understanding of life and of other people can be gained by working in this way.
Some notes are given. You can bring a notebook and pen, but these can be provided.
Bring a light packed lunch. Teas, water and coffee are provided

Mayan Medicine Wheel. Stones and Trees PART 2 Sat May 19th, Sat Aug 18th 10am to 4.30pm £45
This is the 2nd of 3 workshops. Learn the ways of stones and trees and how they are messengers of information. These are a very important links to the inner ‘wise one’ that resides in your subconscious. Crystals are also ‘of the Earth’ and link us to both Earth and the Universe raising our energies to higher vibrations and by doing so, we can help heal ourselves to ‘unblock’ stagnant and out of date habits, thoughts and deeds.
With their connection to the Universe and the Earth, our awareness of the trees around us becomes vital to our self-development and nurturing aspects.

They relay information, wisdom and peace.
We will be working outside for part of the day so please bring waterproofs, appropriate outdoor clothing and shoes should it be raining.

Mayan Medicine Wheel. Animal Guides and Human Teachers PART 3 Sat June 16th, Sat Sept 15th 10am to 4.30 £45
This is the last part of three workshops learning about the Mayan Medicine Wheel. Of course, there is always more to learn, it doesn’t stop here. Let’s open our minds and hearts and accept that there is knowledge within that can supersede our narrow limits of perception.
Animals can be very influential during our dreaming or meditations and can surprise us as to which animal is useful to us now, as they can and do change as your information and spiritual self grows.
The unearthly links we have are with masters of other levels, worlds, masters who have lived on this Earth and who have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. They are ‘with’ us all the time. Sometimes we may have a feeling that something/someone is there. Get in touch with your own energy master, it is an exciting process.
Meditations during the day will help you to contact information and perhaps enrich your senses and beliefs, finding there is a special MASTER there for you. Both animals and masters wait and give and pass on their teachings to each one of us: we are one
We will be working outside for part of the day so please bring waterproofs, appropriate outdoor clothing and shoes should it be raining.

Some notes are given. You can bring a notebook and pen, but these can be provided.
Bring a light packed lunch. Teas, water and coffee are provided

A Daytime monthly course over 3 months to open up the inner wisdom & knowledge that you carry within your body. It is about living consciously. Each one of us hold all the information we need, of both the individual & collective conscious levels.

Creative & Intuitive Course at Malindi Centre in Carmarthenshire West Wales

Part 1: Saturday April 14th and Saturday July 14th.   An introduction to the Mayan Medicine Wheel
Part 2: Saturday May 19th and Saturday August 18th. Stones and Trees
Part 3: Saturday June 16th and Saturday September 15th. Animal Guides and Human Teachers

We are our own wisdom. This affects our 'Now' and 'Future'. On these days we will deepen our connection to the energies of our life on Earth. This will gift information to us as we open our hearts and minds.

To connect with our deepest wisdom, we need teachers, natural teachers. By opening the dreaming body, we are able to extend and connect with these teachers -the elements, trees, rocks, animals and human teachers of the dream. These are the teachers that can help you reveal your own mysteries.

"It is like taking a walk: a walk in a world where everything breaths, thinks and has consciousness. There is no difference between 'man' and 'nature'. All is an energy naturally." Quote by Daniel Stone 2004

This course is offered to anyone who wishes to further their intuituion and insight in order to help make a difference, not only to themselves, family and friends but to help Mankind, our planet and ultimately, other worlds beyond ours.

For details of Course Phone 01559 372 395 for details

Does not include cost of any other materials that may be required.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring along outdoor clothes and footwear in case of rain.

The course includes the cost of Daniel Stone's book, 'The Dreamer Who Dreams You', working papers and pens.

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Total cost for three parts is £135 i.e £45 per part

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This is a book for those who are interested in the mysteries of Life and may be at a crossroads, questioning their reality and their roles in Life. This is not a book about any religion or dogma related to the spiritual world, just thoughts and ideas of a humble writer. Inside is read more here

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"The Road to Bliss" is the journey of my Soul. It is not finished by any means but I wanted to share with you in this book, the information given to me. I am an ordinary person who was given an extraordinary opportunity. It is as simple as that. I am very grateful and feel that this energy is... see more here