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School of Omni UK

For all your Mind, Body and Spiritual needs

Malindi Centre is currently home to the only Omni Healing  Centre in Wales, UK and Europe, having a resident Omni Master Teacher, Omni Sutra Master Healers, Omni Master Healers and Omni Saisutra Healers.

Omni Healing, Omni Sutra Healing, Omni Saisutra, Omni Anugrah, Omni Saitva and Omni Kriya (Massage Therapy) will each, in their own unique way, aid the bodies’ natural healing abilities and return your appreciation for the richness and fullness of life. They have no religious connections and are Universal.- For all.

Experience for yourself these powerful and unique energy systems from India to help you through illness, difficulties and traumas of life  suitable for all, old or young.

Omni Healing helps with all levels of our being whether physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically and aids the restoration of our own spirituality.
Omni Sutra Healing reaches a deeper level, faster, for spiritual progress and also for healing of physical and mental illness.
Omni Saisutra Healing is a spiritual system which uses even more powerful levels of energy  to heal deeper, chronic issues for self and others.
Omni Anugrah Healing lifts the body, mind and spirit being most powerful on distance healing.
Omni Saitva Healing uses the five elements to aid our bodies to heal, using and   harmonising the very same elements within our own bodies.
Omni Kriya (Energy Massage Therapy) is a non-manipulative, totally restful,
relaxing, de-stressing and healing massage.
Hourly treatments of each are available at £30.
Full -day Relaxation / Healing treatment days held regularly.
Retreat Days, tailor made, with or without Omni, to regenerate & refresh Mind, Body and Soul

Drawn to learn Omni Healing yourself?   Stephanie can help you.
You can phone to discuss your own individual needs. We are here to help.

Attuned persons can join the UK Omni Association with various benefits.
See the website      Cynwyl Elfed,  Carmarthen  SA33 6SY


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By Dr Sameer Kale, “Shivananda”
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