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*Before your agreed date for teaching and to help you familiarise yourself with the course, your information manual will be sent to you upon full payment of your chosen course.

From School of Omni UK 2024
Next visit plannned is September 2024. Join our email list to stay in touch.

Visit by Dr Sameer Kale from India in 2024 to Malindi Centre, Near Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire SA33 6SY
We are delighted to welcome back Dr Sameer Kale to Malindi Centre for various teachings, healing, meditations and workshops.

If you would like to book any of the following workshops, teachings/healings meditations with Sameer, please contact me, Stephanie, on 07879 858 804, with your choice/choices of dates and times of your preference and I will try to accommodate you into his schedule while he is here.

Please book as soon as you can by supplying a date, time, and deposit. The deposit will be refundable if you are unable to come and you give us 48 hours notice.

To pay your deposit or booking in full, please send to bank account:

You may wish to pay by cash, this will be welcomed as arranged with myself. If you would like to pay in instalments, this can be arranged too.

For more information on the teachings, see websites: Sameer’s www. reikinetindia.com www.malindi.co.uk www.omnischooluk.co.uk

I am happy to answer any questions you may have. You may wish to further your self-development, spiritual journey or you may be new to the Omni system of Energy Healing. Either way is perfect. Namaste.


Omni Healing level 1 Healer Omni Healing level 2 Senior Healer Omni Healing level 3a Master Healer

Omni Sutra level 1 Healer Omni Sutra level 2 Senior Healer £POA Omni Sutra level 3a Master Healer £POA
Omni Saisutra level 1 Healer Omni Saisutra level 2 Senior Healer £POA Omni Saisutra level 3a Master Healer £POA
Omni Anugrah level 1 Healer £POA Omni Anugrah level 2 Senior Healer £POA Omni Anugrah level 3a Master Healer £POA
Omni Saitva level 1 Healer £POA Omni Saitva level 2 Senior Healer £POA Omni Saitva level 3a Master Healer £POA
Omni Sphatic-Crystal Healing to include a special Crystal
Omni Kriya- Energy Massage Therapy
Omni Shiva- Rudraksha Therapy to include a Rudraksha
Omni Shakti -Chakra Rejuvenation
Omni Vichar
Omni Prabhav
Omni Kshitij
Omni Hast Shastra
Omni Shaktipat
Omni Karma (Past Life Regression) no hypnosis
Ramal Astrology £45
Chakra Balancing with Counselling £45
Aura Reading with Counselling £35
Evening Meditation £10
Scanning Chakras £40
Beaming Energy Field for Protection £40
1 x Omni Healing Session £40
1 x Omni Distance Healing Session £35


Reiki Master Workshop 3 hours
Traditional Usui Reiki level 1 Usui Reiki level 2 Usui Reiki level 3a Master healer Usui Reiki level 3b Master Teacher
Osho Neo Reiki level 1 Osho Neo Reiki level 2 Level 3a Master Healer/Teacher
Karuna Reiki level 1 Karuna Reiki level 2 Level 3a Master Healer/Teacher

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