Room HIre

Room HIre

Weekend One Day Courses

Weekend One Day Courses

Integrative Counselling

Integrative Counselling

Treatment Room hire Carmarthenshire


Size varies but average is 12’ x 8’

Your clients are sure to love the peaceful and healing energies here.

One counselling room near the reception is peaceful and quiet.

The therapy suite has 2 treatment rooms, with a therapy couch and washbasin in each.      

These rooms are painted in healing colours, (Mulberry and Blue.)                                                              

The Blue room opens out onto the garden area.

Malindi Centre is a great Venue to Hire if you are a Therapist or for your own Teachings and Meetings in Carmarthenshire or Ceredigion.
Consider our Group Room (36 ft x 15ft) which is a great place.

A suitable place for teaching and learning.
1.  A light and airy room with peaceful energies, overlooking moorlands.
2.  Can seat up to 30 people.
3. Tastefully decorated and carpeted.
4.  Ample provision of cushions and seating make this an ideal room for teachings, and meditative courses and workshops.         
5. Safe, private place to find inspiration.
6. 6 Seater tables are available for meetings, training courses or seminars.
7.  Limited kitchen facilities.
8.  It is requested that shoes are not worn in this room whenever possible.
9.  Easy access for disabled persons, toilets facilities, wide door access for wheelchair users.  There are no stairs or steps to negotiate.
10.  Bring own packed lunch to day courses
11.  Patio doors open into garden.
12.  A private and free car park at Malindi Centre.
NB: This room is not suitable for dance workshops.

Also, at Malindi are therapies, treatments, a variety of courses and workshops held throughout the week. Regular self-development and meditation groups are held here.
Relaxation of the Mind, Body and Spirit is our aim.
If you are a therapist or a teacher use us as your venue.

Give us a call with your requirements on 01559 372 395
Ask for our competitive rates

Suitable for training
Also at Malindi are other therapies, a variety of teaching and general interest courses regularly held at weekends.  

If you are a teacher/facilitator or therapist use us as your venue.

Regular self-development and meditation groups.
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