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Accredited Omni Kriya Training Energy Massage

kriyaFabulous massage system from India. Accredited training. New students can find a wonderful and powerful way of healing using massage without the heavy strains sometimes associated with massage. Also great for existing massuers who find their hands, arms, shoulders and backs complaining with conventional massage systems. Gives a new lease of life to your practice. It leaves you feeling light, refreshed, with a feeling that the whole of one's insides have also been massaged. A truly wonderful healing experience…all the benefits of conventional massage and more.

Come to learn how to do this programme- and be guided for massages with or without oil.

As in the other Omni systems, the Omni Kriya attunement also includes a protection against negativities an important consideration during these challenging times.

Training Price for 2018 is £170 Buy now  -

Omni Kriya Training Tue 20th

Omni Kriya Training Tue 20th

Omni Kriya Training Tue 17th

Omni Kriya Training Tue 29th

Omni Kriya Training Tue 26th

Omni Kriya Training Tue 17th

Omni Kriya Training Tue 21st

Omni Kriya Training Tue 18th

Omni Kriya Training Tue 23rd

Omni Kriya Training Tue 27th

Omni Kriya Training Tue 18th

You will have a one-one personal attunement, one symbol, a Sanskrit mantra, teaching, practice, a DVD, certificate backup and all the help you need.

Energy Massage is available with Dr Kale when he is in the Uk or with Stephanie Jones who resides in the UK year round.

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This is a book for those who are interested in the mysteries of Life and may be at a crossroads, questioning their reality and their roles in Life. This is not a book about any religion or dogma related to the spiritual world, just thoughts and ideas of a humble writer. Inside is read more here

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"The Road to Bliss" is the journey of my Soul. It is not finished by any means but I wanted to share with you in this book, the information given to me. I am an ordinary person who was given an extraordinary opportunity. It is as simple as that. I am very grateful and feel that this energy is... see more here

Dr Kale Book For Sale

By Dr Sameer Kale, “Shivananda”
This long awaited Omni book tells about the evolution of Omni Healing and there are facts and information never been told or seen in print before.
Shivananda was selected to become teacher and healer of progressive Omni systems and he tells us the Omni story openly with many interesting spiritual experiences.
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